Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Since  Dreamweaver and Lotus Blossom felt Plum Tree Marketplace had been well established in the prior three seasons, they turned it over to the vendors for the fourth season.  After last season many of the more unique vendors dropped out due to sales not being enough to continue.The original vendors. who had worked hard since the first season to make it go, hung in and planned to remain open through November 2, 2013.  Due in part to the economy, rainy Fridays, less vendors, and  fresh local produce now being available at more venues, the attendance had gradually fallen off so it was no longer viable for vendors to continue attending.  Despite that Kim (Harrell's Produce) wanted to continue offering her beautiful array of fresh, local produce to her loyal regulars, who continue to visit the market every Friday.  She will continue selling at the market Fridays from 4:00 - 7:00pm as long as Harrell's Produce has produce availability. The other remaining vendor is Sally's Specialties with sourdough and chew bread; pickles and preserves.
     Blog posts and email information will be suspended until it is time to notify attendees that the time to close has arrived. The market will not re-open for a fifth season.  We would like to thank all of you, who continued to support Plum Tree Marketplace.  It was our intention to help local growers and artists by highlighting the importance of buying fresh, safe produce and fine art locally. No matter how people are doing that, we have accomplished our goal and it is time to move on with other projects. Kim's produce will still be available on Wednesdays at the City Market, on Saturdays at Snow Hill, and monthly at Sunday in the Park.  Please continue to support her efforts. Work of local artists is displayed for sale at Arts Council of Wayne County on the corner of Walnut/John, Downtown Goldsboro.  Next time you need a gift, consider buying from our own artists. Money is kept in the community by buying produce and art locally.
     We give special thanks to the "Original Six".  Harrell's Produce, Sally's Specialties, basket maker Susanna Miller, potter Randy Wright, vermiculturist Tim Norris, and Grandpa's Children, Inc. The non-profit American Indian organization provided free space for set up and storage of canopies and tables to vendors;
community garden and greenhouse classes taught by Dreamweaver to WSOE students; promotion with help from Betsy Rosemann, director of Travel and Tourism, BUZZ  and Downhome Magazines.  We thank Diana Haas for expediting a donation for the first three years of the market and also the anonymous donor; a grant from Honor the Earth for the storage shed; Joann Price for donating the greenhouse; and Sandra Murphy for donating the labor to install the greenhouse.
    We thank all of you for your support and please continue to BUY FRESH PRODUCE AND FINE ART from local growers and artists. Dreamweaver and Lotus Blossom

Monday, August 19, 2013


Plum Tree Marketplace is open every Friday from 4:00 - 7:00pm through  November 2, 2013 rain or shine.
Please refer to August First Friday for updated blog.  Click on for information regarding historic homes for sale:  109 South George Street (Plum Tree Gardens Bed and Breakfast) and 310 N. James Street.